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The Fire Knight Comodo series

International Patent Application No. PCT/AU2023/050224

The Comodo is a sophisticated vehicle fire detector system that can be placed in the most fire risk area of your vehicle, so it works immediately and effectively.

How it works

Brought to you by The Fire Knight company, The Comodo is a small, compact and movable fire detection system that has been designed for automotive safety.

The systems are available in 3 sizes: 0.5 litre, 1 litre and a 1.8 litre version and can also be custom built for larger applications. The f500 fluid has been designed specifically for lithium battery fires and has been proven to be far more effective than other extinguishing agents.

Its dual-sensor strategy combines the UV and IR measuring sensors in conjunction with the flame sensors to accurately activate The Comodo when needed.

The Comodo can be connected to your vehicle’s power source or be battery operated. Controlled by an 8-bit micro-controller, The Comodo also includes a charging section, which will charge a 2AH lithium-ion polymer (LiPo) battery that will last 12 months without recharge or replacement.

With temperature sensor and timer logic included, The Comodo is your fire safety tool for any vehicle. It can be mounted to fit anywhere in your vehicle.

The Comodo is suitable to be used in Cars, Bus, Trucks, Trains, Boats, Helicopters, and Planes.

Located exactly where you need it

Rear-end collisions are the most common form of accident worldwide, which can cause a fire to start quickly, as most petrol tanks sit near the rear axle of the vehicle. In order to address this problem, The Comodo can be located in vehicles to help suppress fires, including those that may occur in a petrol tank during a rear-end collision.
The specific mounting location may depend on the vehicle’s design and regulations in your country. It is generally recommended to mount The Comodo in easily accessible areas such as the trunk/boot, under seats, engines or in designated compartments. With electric vehicles it would be recommended to place The Comodo near the battery.

Working in tandem with electric vehicles

The Comodo has been designed primarily to extinguish electric vehicle lithium battery fires through its f500 fluid.

When a lithium battery experiences a runaway event, it can release intense heat, toxic gases, and potentially reignite even after apparent extinguishment. A fire extinguisher designed for traditional fires may not be effective in suppressing a lithium battery fire. In fact, attempting to extinguish a lithium battery fire with the wrong the type of fire extinguisher can be hazardous and ineffective, which is why

The Comodo is your car fire safety tool that no electric vehicle should go without and should be located near the battery.

Disclaimer: The images of The Comodo shown may differ from the actual product and should only be used as a guide.

Portable Comodo Series-Black or White

A Firefighter in your pocket. A Unique Gift idea. It’s available in three sizes: 0.5 litre, 1 litre and 1.8 litre..