The Guardian – High Tech Wildfire Protection

The world’s first of its kind, fully automated firefighting technology, patented to The Fire Knight Pty Ltd.

International Patent Application No. PCT/AU2023/050224

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Introducing The Guardian, a remarkable, cutting-edge fire detection and suppression system meticulously designed for unattended operations in remote and harsh environments, ensuring the safeguarding of invaluable assets situated in exceedingly isolated locations.

Crafted in three different sizes, tailored to accommodate the anticipated fuel cover in each specific area, The Guardian houses a substantial reservoir of fire suppressant, ranging from one, two and three thousand litre options.

Behold the exceptional features of The Guardian, boasting an array of specially engineered devices that work harmoniously to provide unmatched fire protection.

The technological prowess of each device come equipped with an industrial-grade infra-red flame sensor, meticulously designed to detect even the slightest signs of approaching fire. Complementing this, American-designed agricultural grade spray heads ensure the efficient and widespread distribution of the fire suppressant. To orchestrate these remarkable capabilities, advanced electronics are seamlessly integrated within the system.

Designed and manufactured by The Fire Knight Pty Ltd

The Guardian is a state-of-the-art outdoor fire protection system capable of installation in remote locations worldwide. It excels at early-stage fire detection, immediate alerts, and simultaneous fire suppression, ensuring swift response and effective containment.

Detects, Alerts and Suppresses Fires Autonomously

This cutting-edge system consists of vital hardware components, such as an advanced thermal camera unit, satellite communication module, GSM/GPS location module, and an autonomous specialised control module. The control module acts as the central hub for each unit, effectively managing and controlling all the hardware components while autonomously raising alarms when needed.

Infrared Technology Detects Flames Up to 30 Metres Away

The system incorporates an infrared flame detector camera that enables the detection of fires within seconds. With the support of satellite communication and efficient power management, it ensures extended and reliable functionality even in the most remote locations.

Eco-Friendly Fire-Retardant Offering 360 Degree Protection

Our system utilises an eco-friendly fire suppression agent that is accredited by FM Global. It features rotating spray heads for comprehensive 360-degree coverage. Choose between a two-nozzle system and a four-nozzle system, each with a spraying range of up to 30 metres. The two-nozzle system contains 1,000 litres of pre-mixed FM-accredited suppressant, while the four-nozzle system holds 2,000 and 3,000 litres. Equipped with high-pressure pumps, the system can continuously spray for up to 12 minutes, effectively applying fire retardant to the ground. This long-lasting fire retardant remains active for up to 14 days, helping provide effective prevention against re-ignition or further fire spread.

24-Hour Alerts to Command Centre and Local Authorities

The system relies on active satellite communications to facilitate real-time alerts from the systems on the ground. Even if smoke or clouds disrupt communication for a specific system, nearby systems establish and maintain contact with each other. Prior to activating the spray nozzles, an on-board camera is triggered to confirm the fire’s presence. This efficient and autonomous process guarantees accurate fire detection and enables precise activation of the required measures.

Advanced satellite communications

The Guardian also offers optional advanced satellite communications, empowering manual intervention when necessary. Additionally, an advanced mesh radio communication system seamlessly connects the device to its neighbouring counterparts, promoting effective collaboration. And to ensure precise fire position reporting, a cutting-edge GSM/GPS module is included, providing exact location data when it matters most.

Experience unparalleled protection with our state-of-the-art devices, meticulously designed to safeguard against any potential threat

The exceptional features of each device are equipped with large deep-cycle batteries and a cutting-edge photovoltaic collector, ensuring a constant and reliable power supply. These mighty devices work in tandem with powerful inverters, capable of energising the onboard 2.2 kW (3 hp) water pumps. Moreover, advanced protection logic has been integrated into the system, effectively shielding against faults, damage, or any malicious acts of vandalism. Rest assured, our devices are fortified to provide the utmost security and reliability.

Large Radius

The Guardian safeguards a full 360-degree circle with a 30-metre radius. Typically, multiple devices are strategically positioned in a circular or linear formation, ensuring optimal coverage with a device placed every 60 meters. This arrangement effectively establishes a formidable barrier against encroaching fires.

While The Guardian is primarily tailored for outdoor use, we understand that unique circumstances may call for adaptable solutions. That is why we offer the option to customise these devices for indoor applications, upon special request. Through the modification of key components, including spray heads, communications, and power supply, we can transform our devices to meet your specific requirements. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a seamless and tailored experience, ensuring that our devices seamlessly integrate into your indoor environment.

Advanced Extinguishing Agent

The Guardian can use any fire suppressant solution that can be pre-mixed and pumped: units are normally supplied pre-charged with F500 EA solution, chosen because it provides the best fire knockdown performance, but to special order, customers may specify a preferred alternative.

The Fire Knight offers highly advanced fire protection and response systems that can simultaneously detect, alert and suppress fires. A fire alarm simply detects a possible fire; a fire suppression system also attempts to put it out. The loss or damage from a fire is thus greatly reduced, because the fire is suppressed before it can grow to a large conflagration that may be difficult or impossible to control. The Fire Knight’s first offering is the high-capacity Wildfire Guardian system, suitable for outdoor use, optmized for remote and rugged sites. The system is designed to operate autonomously for long periods with very low maintenance.

The Guardian 1000, 2000, and 3000 litre systems are available in four colours to suit the environment, or by special order. Customers can have them painted in their corporate colour scheme.