The Fire Knight Protector series

The world’s first smart indoor fire suppression system, The Fire Knight Protector series, protects lives and property without the need for human intervention.
International Patent Application No. PCT/AU2023/050224


Advanced technology

The Fire Knight Protector system detects a fire risk early by using flame, gas, and other smart sensor technologies, which activate once it has established the threat of a fire is present. Once a fire threat has been detected and the system activates, an eco-friendly fluid is released to combat or extinguish the fire before it has the ability to spread. Simultaneously alerting the appropriate authorities.

By utilising a liquid encapsulating retardant fire suppression solution, instead of water, it achieves an unparalleled effectiveness, helping to extinguish a fire with a 99% success rate within 20 seconds.

Guaranteed communication

Communicating with a built-in 4G LTE SIM module, the system operates independently of home or private Wi-Fi networks, thereby providing reliable connectivity in any situation.

Superior design

The Fire Knight Protector series has been tailored to fit into any setting including the living room, master bedroom, kitchen and dining area.

The sleek contemporary design will allow you to seamlessly integrate The Protector system into any residential and/or commercial building and can be either hard wired or battery operated.
The only question to ask yourself is:

Can I afford to be without it?

First smart indoor fire suppression system

Fully integrated sensor technology sends automatic alerts upon activation to the Command Centre that is manned 24/7, to emergency services and to the homeowner, reducing harm to property and humans.

Superior Technology

The home system uses multiple flame sensors, gas sensors, volatile organic compound sensors and heat to rise sensors, which are set to detect threats.
If a gas or VOC sensor is activated, then the command centre will call the resident. Heat to rise sensors will detect any abnormal rise in heat within a specified timeframe. This will also alert the command centre, triggering a call to the resident.

Ultimately, the main sensor is the flame sensor. They are configured to detect flames as low as 200mm to half a metre in height. This will avoid candles or smaller flames giving false readings.

Each resident or owner is provided with an app that keeps them informed about system alerts and maintenance needs. This app will also notify them about necessary servicing and any threat alerts generated by the system.

Indoor Collection

Choose between the 10 litre and 15 litre capacity option according to the size of your room and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a fully autonomous fire suppression system pre-filled with non-toxic, fully biodegradable fire-suppression mixture.

Installation is a breeze: a homeowner can install The Fire Knight Protector system themselves or retain a local handyman to do it.

The unit needs no electrical or water connections and arrives with comprehensive installation instructions catering to the homeowner, local handyman, carpenter, or electrician.

Industry standards and government regulations require regular battery changes and system maintenance. Servicing must comply with the customer’s state, territory and country regulations.

Design Range

Indoor Protector Series

Available in Black, Steel, White, Red

Indoor Protector Shield Series

Available in Black, Steel, White, Red

Designed to Detect, Alert and Suppress Fire

The Fire Knight Protector system is specifically tailored to detect, alert, and suppress fires in medium to large areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, dining rooms, and living rooms. By utilizing a liquid encapsulating retardant fire-suppression solution instead of water, this system achieves unparalleled effectiveness, extinguishing fires with a remarkable 99.9% success rate within a mere 10 seconds. Compliance with industry regulations mandates an annual battery change, and a comprehensive system re-charge every three years.

Unlike the traditional sprinkler system that only responds to intense heat, and frequently activate after the home ceiling has caught fire, The Fire Knight Protector system detects flames in their early stages, escalating as the fire rises. It is designed to operate autonomously, eliminating the need for you to be present during a fire emergency. With its innovative and environmentally friendly design, this unique system combines multiple functions, including early fire detection, immediate suppression, and simultaneous notification to relevant authorities.

Designed with seamless integration in mind, The Fire Knight Protector series effortlessly blends into any residential or industrial environment. Its clean line and classic aesthetic conceal strategically placed smoke, heat, and flame detection sensors, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage and rapid response.